O U R   M I S S I O N


A blend of traditional values coupled with a modern outlook, we strive to become India’s first and largest jewellery retail store chain. At Karan Kothari,  jewellery is not a product, but rather, a manifestation of artistry and this is why we are a brand that has the distinct honour of being coveted by Indian women.

O u r   P h i l o s o p h y

Our Philosophy is to spread happiness. We wish to create “Pure and Timeless” memories that will last you a lifetime. We wish that every time you see a piece of our craftsmanship, it should bring a smile to your face. 

O u r   A p p r o a c h

Quality in our Jewelry. From the craftsmen and designers to their creations and the showrooms that sell them, the highest level of quality checks is implemented to ensure unmatched perfection. Our Designs and our quality has been unmatched!

W H Y   U S ?

Every piece you get is fully checked for quality and authenticity by reputed agencies such as BIS Hallmark. Our Diamonds carries a certificate of authenticity from IGI, SGL and HKD and our solitaires carries a certificate of authenticity from GIA and IGI.
We have been honoured to be awarded a multitude of awards for our fine designs and craftsmanship over the years.
KKJPL has been designing world-class jewellry since 1974. We’ve been serving central India and we’ve fostered incredible trust among our customers.
KKJPL has always had a very clear transparent pricing structure and has been serving authentic world class jewelry. Each one of our receipts complete break-up of our prices by Raw Material, Making Charges, and VAT.


We strive to ensure that every employee at Karan Kothari is welcomed into the folds of our protective family with their best interest being one of our main concerns. Our karigars are provided with world-class facilities, a safe and supportive environment and are well taken care of with benefits like health care and financial aid. With the advancement of jewelry making equipment and technology, our workers also gain training and access to these top-of-the-line machines to aid in the creation process of their masterpieces.