Here are the most important tips to keep your jewellery in perfect condition. Daily use is the main cause of wearing out jewelry. It is very important to take special care of your jewellery in order to guarantee its perfect appearance.

STORAGE To avoid scratching the jewellery, we recommend you to keep them in the original boxes and avoid the contact with other jewellery.

GENTLE CLEANING You should clean your gold and silver jewellery with mild soap, a soft brush, and warm water. After rinsing off the soap with lots of cold water and drying the piece carefully, your jewellery will look like new again. Gold and silver can show signs of oxidation when they come into contact with air. This reaction can be accentuated as a result of contact with your skin depending on alkaline or acidic content (Ph values) of the skin. Consequently, gold may take on a reddish tinge and silver a dark, yellowish shade. To clean your jewellery, either bring it to one of our KKJPL stores, conveniently situated Itwari and Dharampeth, Nagpur.

KEEP ENEMIES AT BAY Any noble metal is permanently damaged by mercury and therefore all contact with this substance must be avoided. However, should this happen by accident, take the piece urgently to a TOUS store so that the mercury can be removed in the shop and the damage will be minimal. Jewellery that contains crystal and/or enamel gems is especially sensitive to chemical products. The pearls and corals deserve extra special attention. They are of organic origin and can be easily damaged by cosmetics, hairspray, perfume and cologne. In order to clean them, a wet cotton cloth and a drop of mild soap will suffice.

WHITE GOLD White gold of 750/000 is an alloy of fine gold, palladium, and other metals. It’s real color is gray and so it is always necessary to give it a rhodium finish in order to attain its characteristic white colour. This rhodium finish which is applied to white gold wears away with time, use and contact. We suggest taking the piece to our store periodically so that its rhodium finish can be applied again. This way, your white gold jewelry will always looks like new.

KEEP AWAY FROM WATER It is not a good idea to get jewellery with interlaced filament leather or fur wet. In addition, we do not suggest cleaning them with soap and water and it would be much better to have it cleaned by professionals.

ELECTROFORMING. INTELLIGENT GOLD This state of the art method for the fabrication of jewellery results in large pieces of extraordinary quality, which do not feature any soldering. Precisely because of its size and its very smooth surface, it is very important to protect the jewellery against any accidental blows or mishandling.

KKJPL is a pioneer in this advanced technology and so as a result of its innovative processes, we advise our customers not to have these pieces repaired outside of our shops.

MAINTENANCE We suggest having regular inspections made of the gem settings of your jewellery, especially rings and bracelets, as well as re-stringing the strands of your pearl necklaces. We have a special maintenance service set up at KKJPL in order to assure that your jewellery is always in perfect condition.

AVOID SELF-REPAIR Jewellery should never be forced, twisted, snapped or tightened. If you want to make any adjustments or changes, take it to KKJPL and our experts will make whatever adjustments may be necessary at our stores