Caring for the Diamonds

You’ve chosen your diamond with all the care possible. You love the way your precious piece sparkles and shines. Guess what, with a little regular effort, your diamond will stay at its brightest for years to come.

Cleaning of diamonds

Diamonds are set in metal and due to regular usage/exposure, your diamond jewellery will gather dust and film. To remove this, your diamond jewellery needs regular cleaning.

  • Wipe your jewellery every now and then with a clean, lint-free cloth. This will keep the surface clear & clean.
  • Soak and clean your jewellery regularly, especially if you wear it daily. Soak it overnight in a solution of warm water & mild detergent or warm water with a few drops of ammonia.
  • Use an old toothbrush, eyebrow or lipstick brush to clean. These bristles are small and will get under the diamond to remove oil &dust. Do not rub too hard, or you may scratch the metal setting.
  • Use a strainer to rinse off diamond jewelry, especially rings. Remember those movie scenes where the ring goes down the sink! Dry with a clean cloth.
  • Instead of ammonia or detergent, you can use any special jewellery cleaning liquid available at jewellers. Read labels carefully before buying.
  • Every year or so, give your diamond jewellery for professional cleaning. Jewellers use ultra sonic or steam cleaning and will also check the setting so that the stone does not fall out.

Usage of diamond jewellery

Diamonds are the hardest gems known to man, but a hard blow may scratch the stone or chip it. Plus the metal setting of the diamond may get similarly affected and the stone may spring loose.

So it’s a good idea to keep the following in mind:

Avoid wearing diamond jewellery while swimming or washing dishes. Prolonged contact with water may loosen the stone from the setting, while chemicals in the cleaning agent/pool may affect the metal.

Remove diamond jewellery while applying lotion, oiling your hair or going for a massage! The cream/oil will settle on and under the stone, making the diamond dull, worse still, loosening it from the setting.

In short, diamonds and gemstones need special care Avoid hitting them against hard surfaces or subjecting them to extreme temperature changes. The diamond is indeed the hardest jewel, but it is nevertheless fragile; contrary to other gems, diamonds cannot be scratched, but they can break. Rings and bracelets with diamonds and precious gemstones must be handled with special care, because of the gems and the settings which hold them undergo continuous, daily use.

Gems present characteristics which make them unique and extraordinary. The small variations and inclusions, the tiny traces of other minerals which they may contain, make them exclusive.

Storage of diamond jewellery

Storing jewels together may cause one piece to scratch the other. Always keep different pieces separately. Fabric lined cases with partitions are the best to store diamond jewellery.